23 September 2012

The Nail Files: The half moon mani

The half moon manicure is a nice alternative to the normal French tip. I spotted these false nails in Superdrug a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love! Now, I'm not sure if it was Elegant Touch's intention to create these falsies to be worn this way or not but I think it looks much nicer! Navy blue is such a hot colour this autumn and when paired with a metallic gold the blue tones really come out - it's my new favourite colour combo. A word on the quality of the nails - they are extremely thin so any type of strenuous activity an it'll snap off. You could try recreating it on your natural nails but I suspect it'll be terribly fiddly. Much easier and this way and you get a cleaner finish!

What do you think - love it or hate it?!

1 comment

  1. These look amazing! B x



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