25 September 2012

Perfume Oil by The Body Shop

The Body Shop recently introduced a gorgeous new range of perfume oils, which are a great alternative to to the usual spray perfumes and perfect for those who looking for a halal, alcohol-free fragrance. Unlike Oud (middle-eastern perfume oils) these are a lot less overpowering. The fragrances are all very light but you can layer it with a scented body cream for a more intense smell. I love applying these to my wrists and at the nape of my neck after a shower or just before bed because the scent lingers really lightly on my skin. It's one of those scents that only you (or someone who comes up really close to you) can really smell and I kind of like that :) The Body Shop Perfume Oils come in five different scents (the fifth one didn't make it and leaked in the post):

Japanese Cherry Blossom - a lovely fruity/floral concoction
Madagascan Vanilla Flower - incredibly, syrupy sweet  
Indian Night Jasmine - exotic, heady and floral
Amazonian Wild Lily - fresh and summery
Atlas Mountain Rose - didn't make it but after sniffing the spilt remains on the package I found it very strong and floral

The Perfume Oils retail at £7 each



  1. Great post I love oil perfumes I feel like they last longer than typical perfumes you find I think I might go and check them out! xxx http://allthingsbeautee.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Great post lovely! I'm a big fan of these! I have the Jasmine and Cherry Blossom one.

    I use these at night as well after I've had a shower. Love going to bed smelling of flowers ;) Haha xo


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