17 September 2012

How To: Fill in your Eyebrows

I get so many questions about my eyebrows so I thought I'd do a pictorial to show you how I get them looking groomed and tidy. My brows are naturally thin and the hairs are really sparse and light so, although I don't need to thread or wax them (a weekly tidy-up with tweezers usually does the trick) it can sometimes look like I don't have eyebrows at all! This means I have to fill them in everyday. If you have the same problem here's a quick and simple way of achieving my brows: 

1) The skin around your eyebrows can get really dry, especially if you pluck or thread them a lot, so make sure it's well moisturised before you start.

2) Tidy up any stray hairs with a tweezer, or if they're too little to catch try using an Eyebrow Trimmer.

3 & 4) Brush your brows upwards and then, with a small slanted brush, fill them in. I use a matte brown eyeshadow because you can control the amount of product you put on and it has a really natural finish. The Sleek Brow Kit £8.50 is a great little palette if you've just recently started doing your brows because it comes with mini tweezers and a little slanted brush to help you get the look.

5 & 6) If you want your eyebrows to stand out a bit more dot a cream-based concealer around the outside of the eyebrow and blend it with your fingers. The natural heat from your fingertips allows the concealer to melt into the skin more easily than a brush. 

7) Stand back and admire your new, perfectly shaped eyebrows!<

See how easy it is to fill in your eyebrows? If yours are really thick you can still apply the same method but finish it off with a brow gel to keep the hair in place. I hope you found this useful!


  1. Your eyebrows are lovely!

    I just fill mine in with MAC's Brun, I should really start to brush mine up x

  2. Heya, Which matt brown eyeshadow do you use? x

  3. Thanks Halima... I LOVE your eyebrows!
    Hey Amna... I use the Sleek Brow Kit which comes with a matte brown eyeshadow xx


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