12 September 2012

Contouring Rules for Amazing Bone Structure

My slightly demented contouring face...!
Contouring is a great way to exaggerate your best features and disguise the not-so-great ones. I'm a contouring ADDICT because I love how it can subtly change the shape and look of your face (it's also less expensive and less painful than getting a nose job!) Celebrities like Kim Kardashian love it too and it's partly responsible for their enviable bone structure and razor sharp cheekbones. It's also REALLY simple to achieve as long as you follow a few simple rules:

Blend, blend and blend a bit more... 
...then go back and blend some more. Thick strips of colour smeared over your cheek or nose will make you look more wooden puppet and less Kim Kardashian so make sure you buff the products in so it blends seamlessly into your skin.

Play around with different textures 
When contouring, I tend to go for a powder-based bronzer because my skin can get oily throughout the day, but if you have dry skin try using a cream or stick formula - the NARS Multiple in Rapa Nui is perfect. You could also try layering different products so that it looks more intense and stays put all day. When I have time to faff around I apply The NARS Multiple or a cream bronzer over the areas I want to contour and then follow with a powder bronzer. 

Pick the right finish 
To get the perfect contour you have to use matte products. I can't stress how important this is! If you apply something with even a hint of shimmer you'll end up highlighting whatever it is you want hidden.  

I'll do a separate post on how to contour different parts of you face and even your body, or, if I ever overcome my shyness, I'll make a video (Eeeek!) Let me know your thoughts! 


  1. Hey, I'm looking for a bronzer at the moment. I was wondering which ones you use?

  2. Hey Tamina... I use Benefit Hoola or Nars Laguna - both are amazing for contouring!

  3. Awesome tips! Now following.


  4. Please teach me how to contour my face! I have chubby cheeks and big/high cheekbones so extra biggg face :(


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