14 September 2012

Celeb Spot: Kareena Kapoor's Beauty Crimes!

Kareena Kapoor is one of my favourite actresses. I've met her twice and each time she's radiated poise, glamour and utter beauty. So, for someone who has the bone structure most models would die for and feline eyes that could rival Angelina, you'd think it would be pretty hard to get your makeup wrong...

Kareena's recently been spotted sporting more a dramatic look. Looking at the main and bottom right hand picture the first thought that springs to my mind is: a panda with a hangover, wearing lots of heavy eye makeup. Kareena's eyes are deep set and extremely striking - she's one of those women who doesn't need much  makeup to offset her features, so this harsh, black, smokey eye is just.too.much. A more subtle brown smokey eye would've worked SO much better. The second look is also a bit too much and the white eyeliner makes Kareena's eyes look even bigger than they already are.It could have at least been swapped for a more natural looking nude shade. 

What do you think of Kareena's makeup? I personally think she looks better with a more natural look.


  1. Agree! She's one of those fortunate beauties who does not require much makeup! I loved her look in Asoka, her eye makeup was great, I think she hardly wore anything else.

    In the first pic you can see her lipliner which is definitely not a good look. Her eyes are so beautiful and do not require excessive eyeshadow to accentuate them! xx

  2. I agree- she definitely looks better with a more natural look! Her eyes are gorgeous and so even a flick of eyeliner would do xx

  3. Visible lipliner is one of the biggest beauty crimes EVER!

  4. Well, she does look gorgeous with natural do.

  5. Its her face and she can do what she likes... =_= its annoying when there's others telling you what you should be doing.. I think she looks pretty with and without makeup. Can't a woman try something new for once? è_é jeez... "oh she looks like this.. Oh she looks like that.. Ohhhh brown smokey eyes would look SO much better..." how about we comment on your makeup for a change dudette -.-


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