18 September 2012

Are BB creams right for you?

While the beauty world fawned over BB Creams and beauty editors sung its praises all over the glossy pages of magazines, I sat quietly, twiddling my manicured thumbs, wondering if it was meant to make me look like an ashy, discoball... The truth is this is one beauty trend that I've never really got my head around. When Garnier first released their much anticipated BB Cream I swiftly picked up a tube, applied to my bare skin and waited to see it work its magic. Alas, it never happened and since then I've completely avoided them. BB Creams aren't for everyone and for a while the choices were quite limited. Now, Garnier have launched a new version for oily/combination skin and other beauty brands were quick to follow suit, creating variations for different skin types, needs and skin tone. HOWEVER, I'm still not convinced and here's why:

It makes my face shiny
Or should that be - shinier. I have combination skin which means that my t-zone doesn't respond well to any type of 'illuminating' product, something that BBs are renowned for.

There aren't enough colour options
This has bugged me from the moment BB Creams hit the shelves. I felt like I'd been transported back to my early teens when foundations were only available in two shades. Sleek recently released a BB Cream for darker skin but options across other brands are still limited.

It doesn't give enough coverage
I'd love to have flawless, blemish-free skin, but I don't, which means I need a base that can even my skin tone and provide decent coverage. BBs are great for fresh faced teens or girls with great skin (I hate you!) but not all of us are as blessed.

But hey, it's not all doom and gloom! There are a few BB Creams that I actually quite like, including UNE Intuitive Touch BB Foundation £14.49, which has a gorgeous creamy texture when you apply it and a powder like finish after, making it ideal for combination skin. Technically it's a foundation with the properties of a BB so the coverage is good and it disguises blemishes and spots. I don't bother using the brush because it's so small (the size of my fingernail to be exact) and it would probably take me 12 days to apply it all over my face. There's also the All in One BB Cream £12, by The Body Shop  which only comes in three shades but as soon as it's applied it adapts to your skintone - amazing! 

What do you think of BB Creams? 


  1. I don't understand the hype to be honest. I remember I tried the Garnier version of it as well and didn't like it much either!

    I do like the Illamsque Skin Base that people have compared to BB but that's about it. If I want the barely there look I'll stick to my Dior Nude Skin Foundation! x

  2. I use skin base too... it's one of my all time favourites xx


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