21 August 2012

Topshop Lip Sticks

I've always been a fan of Topshop's makeup so when I spotted their lip sticks during a recent shopping trip I was practically salivating to try them out. They had a limited range of colours (four from what I'd seen) so I picked Powder Room, a muted rose mauve and Clueless, a bright, neon pink. In a bid to stop myself from backing out of buying I bought them without swatching it on the back of my hand (frankly I wouldn't anyway - have you seen the state of makeup testers? It looks like someone ate them and threw it back up.... Ugggg). 

Anyway, when I got home and tried it on I realised that unlike Clinique's Chubby Sticks, which leaves a glossier, balmy finish, these have an extremely matte texture. BUT unlike most matte lipsticks that I own these had little or no pigmentation and left my lips looking cracked and dry. It literally clings onto any little bit of dry skin you may have lurking on your lips. I persevered, scrubbing my lips, applying balm after balm, primer after primer, but nothing could make it look nice. It's such a shame because it looked so promising and the colours were perfect, had they translated on to my actual lips.

I'm not sure that I'll be using these pens in a hurry again because I have so many other lip products that work better on me. Perhaps it would be of better use with my little cousins?!


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