21 August 2012

New at The Body Shop

I've been really, really impressed with The Body Shop lately - they have so many lovely launches this summer yet I never feel overwhelmed, keeping up with them (there are some brands that will release a new product every week - SLOW DOWN! My bank balance can't take it...) Anyway, here's what I've been testing recently... 

All in one BB Cream £12
The Body Shop have finally jumped on the BB cream bandwagon. I'm not a fan of BB creams (let's save that for another post... ) but this one was not as bad as I had imagined. There are three colours: fair, medium and dark, you pick the one closest to your skin and it magically adapts to your skin tone! The coverage is very light and it won't cover a multitude of blemishes so I'd save it for good skin days. 

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser £7.50 
I'm current;y using Benefit's Porefessional to hide away my unsightly HUGE pores and this does the job just as well but for half the price. It doesn't have the same silicone texture but it definitely covers my pores and the tea tree helps soothe and eradicate any redness. 

Dragonfruit Lip Butter £4.50
I'm not sure what Dragonfruit is but it sounds delicious and smells lovely. As with previous Lip Butters all the proceeds go to charity, which you get to choose! Definitely a worthwhile buy and everyone needs lipbalm so get your your friends, mum, dad, boyfriend, grandparent, to buy one! I have one word of advice though - it tastes VILE so try not to lick your lips... Ugggh.

Colourglide Lip Colour #05 & #06 £9
The Body Shop Colourglide lipsticks are super moisturising and give lips a really glossy sheen but I found them to be very low in pigmentation and generally quite 'blah'. The colours are really muted and I felt that it didn't really make much of a difference after I put it on. I love The Body Shop but have always found their   makeup really boring and lacking. 

Does anyone else feel nostalgic when they go into The Body Shop? It reminds me of my teens when I first fell in love with beauty products?


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