21 August 2012

LUSH launch a makeup line!

A few months ago I attended a top secret meeting with LUSH co-founder Rowena Bird to find out about a new makeup line! As you can imagine I was SUPER excited as I'm a huge fan of LUSH - I could spend hours in their store sniffing the body bars and bath bombs. The range is called Emotional Brilliance and is based around the concept that you can match your psychological needs to the colour of your makeup. To get a personalised colour reading simply go into their store, spin the wheel of products and pick the three colours that stand out the most to you. This will then give you some idea about your current state of mind and how to make yourself  feel better through colour. To some extent I can how it could work - a bold, red lip can make you feel powerful and a hot pink lip gloss can bring out your feminine side but can can a gold eyeliner make you want to achieve your dreams and fantasies? I'm not sure...
As expected it's completely different and unique to what you'd find in the high street or beauty counters. For starters the packaging is made from (recyclable) glass and comes in the cutest little pots! It reminds me of a witches potion or something mystical and exciting. LUSH also used to own a beauty range called Never too Busy to be Beautiful, which also had very glamorous, quirky packaging so I knew I'd be in for a treat. With 30 different shades of lipstick, gloss, eyeshadows and eyeliners you really are spoilt for choice. Most of the shades are bright and punchy and, unlike most makeup brands, it doesn't follow any trends.   

They've also introduced their first ever mascara which is super gentle and perfect for sensitive eyes. Most mascaras will contain 4-6 preservatives but this only has one so it won't irritate. Key ingredients include wheatgrass and vitamins and minerals which help to nourish lashes. Sadly it didn't measure up to the likes of Max Factor False Lash or L'Oreal Millionize. It took about 2147 coats before I managed to get a bit of length and volume!Try it if you have extremely sensitive eyes or want to go for a more natural look but if you're after a more dramatic, glamorous effect I wouldn't bother with this. The Lip Liquids and Eyeliner on the other hand were fabulous. Pigmentation (a biggie for me) was deep and rich and the texture was super soft
and nourishing.
 Believe is a punchy, strawberry pink that really brightens the complexion and stands out. The pigmentation is OFF THE HOOK, so much so that you have to apply it very carefully as it can smudge. I usually dip my lip brush in foundation or concealer to clean up any messy edges. Balance of the other was a complete nightmare to wear. Where do I start?! The colour looks gorgeous on the bottle but it had too much of a bronze undertone to suit anyone (my skin literally looked grey). The pigmentation was also a little off and it had chunks of glitter that would look cute on a nine year old but ridiculous on me. Incidentally it's called Balance, although never have I felt more unbalanced wearing it! The collection for me was hit and miss. I loved the bold pink lip colour and the gorgeous gold eyeliner but the mascara and orange lip colour were both disappointing. 

Will you be buying anything from the LUSH Emotional Brilliance range? I'm going to be picking up some more lip products and their black eyeliner!

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