21 August 2012

How to prevent razor bumps

Pesky razor bumps or as I like to refer to it - chicken skin syndrome - are usually caused by ingrown hairs that pop up on your legs when you don't prep them before shaving. Dead skin cells can also clog up the pores on your legs causing it become bumpy and spotty so make sure you regularly exfoliate and moisturise them. Before I start shaving my legs I ALWAYS exfoliate them to make sure any dead skin (ick) is sloughed off. To get the best results I apply scrubs with a grittier texture like Soap & Glory Flakeaway Leg Scrub on dry skin. Using a good shaving gel is also important. It's tempting to shave over shower gel if you've run out or can't be bothered but if your skin isn't soft when you shave it'll result in bumpy, spotty skin. A great DIY option for shaving gel is olive oil which will make your legs insanely soft (trust me on this - you'll be stroking them for ages!) I also shave my legs last thing when I'm the shower because the heat from the water and steam opens up the pores so I get a closer shave and avoid ingrown hairs. 
If you already suffer from chicken skin syndrome I'd suggest taking a break from shaving your legs for a few weeks and and regularly exfoliating them to get rid of the bumps. Then try adopting the same method I use to see an improved difference on your legs. 

Does anyone else suffer from chicken skin syndrome? Do you have any DIY shaving gel recipes??

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  1. I will be trying your tips, I've had chicken skin syndrome for way too long!


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