21 August 2012

Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition

Last year I got hold of Beyonce's Heat Rush  perfume and instantly fell in love with it's sweet, albeit generic, scent so I was excited to see what Pulse would smell like. This is a summer edition so as expected there are a lot of fresh, airy notes, but unlike her previous scents there isn't a fruity note in sight! I'd describe the scent as a breezy summer day at the seaside. There's notes of fresh pear and pink pepper to begin, then heart notes jasmine and ginger orchid kick in, followed by the lingering scent of sapphire woods (whatever that is...) and musk. It's incredibly fresh, crisp and simple, which for some of you might be perfect, but for me I found it a little boring. Beyonce is the epitome of the word DIVA so you'd expect her frangrances to be strong, sexy and fierce - just like her. I'd love for her to bring out something a little muskier, similar to Dior Poison perhaps? The bottle is quite unique and reminds me of something you'd find on the set of Charlie's Angels. It did take me quite some time to work out what end it sat on mind...

The words 'celebrity fragrance' tends to make the beauty world shudder. Mainly because a) they usually smell very generic and b) well, it's just not cool is it? Although I kind of agree (none of my favourite perfumes are celebrity ones) I think there's definitely a market for them. 

Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition is out now RRP £23.50. It's a limited edition so be quick!

What do you think of celebrity fragrances? Are there any that you absolutely love? Let me know!

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