21 August 2012

6 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

Guests are always surprised to find that I keep a bottle of olive oil in the bathroom, because rather than use is it as a dressing it's actually one of my most used beauty products! My mum first recommended it to me abut 10 years ago because I was suffering from horribly dry skin. I found that it worked better than Johnson's baby oil or any other drugstore creams and lotions. Since then I've slathered it on 2-3 times a week and my skin always looks healthy and bright. Its regenerative power helps to keep skin cells strong and it's packed with antioxidant vitamin E which is great for healing scars or blemishes. It's also rich in fat which helps to regulate skin's natural mositure. Olive oil is such a versatile product and can be used to fix a number of beauty problems. Here are the six ways that I use it...
Body moisturiser
As I mentioned before, I first came across olive oil when I used it to help soothe my dry skin. Now I use it 2-3 times a week, alternating it with other body products. After showering I rub it over my skin while it's still damp and massage it into the areas that really suffer from dry skin (i.e celllulite city!).

Shaving cream
Shaving can be quite harsh on sensitive skin so when I'm after really smooth legs I'll swap my regular shaving gel for olive oil. I apply a thin layer over my legs (after I shower so that the pores have opened up and I'm less prone to getting ingrown hairs) and run my razor over them. The result is AMAZING and because the olive oil is so pure and natural it doesn't irritate your skin.

Body scrub
Olive oil is great for creating DIY face masks or scrubs. I like to use it as a body scrub to help soften and smooth my skin. Mix one part olive oil and two parts sea salt in a plate or bowl and gently massage it all over your body (sea salt is quite abrasive so I'd avoid the chest area!) then jump in the shower and rinse off - simples! 

Makeup remover
A lot of the cleansers I use don't get rid of my makeup completely so when I've got a full face I dab a cotton wool pad lightly soaked in olive olive over my face and eyes (being extra careful not to actually get it into my eyes!) to take off makeup and stubborn mascara. For an extra deep clean, and to stop myself looking like a light bulb, I'll  follow with a gently cleanser. 

Hair mask 
Nothing leaves my hair feeling shinier and softer than an olive oil mask! I usually do this a few days before work because it can make your hair greasy up until the second wash. Massage a few tablespoons of olive oilve onto the mid lengths and ends of hair while it's still damp and tie up or cover with a shower cap. You can leave it on overnight but I usually rinse it out after a few hours.
Healing treatment
Surrfering from a horrible rash, sunburn or irritated skin? Try massaging olive oil over the affected area and it will help soothe and calm any irritation.

So there you have it - my obsession with olive oil. Does anyone else use olive oil as a substitute for shaving gel/body lotion/scrubs/masks?!


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